Port City Instruments

About Us

Our technical team consists of scientists and engineers who have worked together for more than 25 years on a wide variety of projects related to laser- based gas sensing. We have all also worked independently for universities, government-funded research institutions (eg. many NASA and NOAA projects) and industrial companies both large and small.

Dr. Randy May is the Managing Member of Port City Instruments, LLC and the primary point of contact. He received his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1985, then spent 14 years at the Caltech/NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) working in atmospheric research. His research group at JPL managed a laboratory high-resolution spectroscopy program, and designed, built and operated a series of laser-based aircraft and balloon-borne spectrometers for gas sensing including the first space-qualified diode laser gas sensors for the Mars Polar Lander (which, unfortunately, crashed on the surface of Mars in 1999). In 1999 Dr. May co-founded SpectraSensors, Inc. and served as CTO and VP of Product Development there from inception until early 2006. SpectraSensors provides laser-based gas sensors to the oil and gas industry and is one of the leading suppliers of such instrumentation to the natural gas industry.

Port City Instruments, LLC was formed to serve the needs of researchers (university, government, and industrial) who need instrumentation and components related to high-resolution spectroscopic measurements of gases using tunable lasers.