Port City Instruments

Laser-based Gas Sensor Consulting

Port City Instruments is involved in the design and build of laser-based gas sensing systems for industrial and research applications. These systems use single-mode tunable semiconductor lasers (DFB, ICL and QCL lasers) operating in the 1-12 micron wavelength region, which allow sensitive detection of a wide range of gases important in industrial and environmental monitoring applications. Single-line spectroscopy is the primary detection method utilized. We have the capability to develop complete gas sensing instruments including design/build of optical, electrical, mechanical and software subsystems, or we can work on a consulting basis to help in the design of custom components or sensors for specific applications. Contact us for additional information.

(Note: Click Here or on the Downloads link above for access to user manuals and software for previous products including Herriott cells, OEM control boards, and benchtop controller units).


Consulting Consulting: Have a gas sensing application and need synthetic spectrum generation, choice of best wavelength(s) to use for gases in mixtures, help specifying detectors, optical pathlength, components, etc.? We can provide help on a consulting basis charged at a an hourly rate, as needed, without any commitments or Co-I arrangements. Contact us for details and quotations.

Custom Instrumentation:We can provide turnkey design and prototype builds for new laser-based sensors and analyzers based on tunable semiconductor lasers (DFB, ICL, or QCL). There are many research and industrial gas sensing applications that can benefit from this technology. Contact us to discuss a project or for more information.