Port City Instruments


Our primary expertise lies in the area of high resolution spectroscopy and gas sensing using tunable single-frequency lasers, including the design and build of components and systems. We can also assist with the following on a consulting or contract basis:

- Spectrum simulations to identify the optimum wavelength(s) for detection of a particular target gas in a mixture.

- Herriott cell design and fabrication, including closed (flow-through) custom multipass gas cells for increased sensitivity.

- 3D modeling for optical component mounting and positioning.

- Development of control electronics for TDLAS systems for research and industrial applications.

- Full-up instrument design and build for custom TDLAS based gas sensors and analyzers.

Contact us if you need assistance with a specific problem in these areas. We have no minimum time requirements and can work, as needed, as an outsourced partner within our areas of expertise.